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SWEA Professionals – Nomadic Work Life

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Datum: 2017-10-04
19:30 – 21:00

It’s with pleasure we welcome you to our next SWEA Professional meeting!

Meet Linda Voltaire. A career woman who loves to travel, who is driven by developing and improving as well as experiencing new cultures. Linda has always gone her own way. She has change career orientation 3 times; from a lawyer to a strategic consultant to marketer. Flexibility is what inspires her. She sees women in business as an extremely important matter to address for the future.

Linda will talk about all of the above: her background, her travels, her work, what drives her to travel around instead of being in one place, why she chose Moscow, of all places, as home-base, what are her challenges and motivation points. Don’t miss out!

When: Wednesday October 4th, at 19:30 (presentation starts at 20:00)
Where: Restaurant Scandinavia, Malyy Palashevskiy per., 7
Contribution: 500 rub – thanks!

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